T-Sim is a GPL helicopter flight-simulator for GNU/Linux.
The program uses SDL,OpenGL and cmake.


You can contact me at thomas.raes@pandora.be for more information.


T-Sim v0.2


2009-10-09 Wolter Hellmund provided fix for build problems on some systems.

Sega Dreamcast

Xavier Vallejo created a version for the Sega Dreamcast.
You can find it here.


images of a real R22 cockpit
helicopter course at the VUB/KMS (IR-MECH-6885)



Nincrease throttle
Bdecrease throttle
Vmove collective up
Cmove collective down
Wpush left pedal
Xpush right pedal
Up Arrowmove cyclic forward
Down Arrowmove cyclic backward
Left Arrowmove cyclic left
Right Arrowmove cyclic right
F10 cockpit view
F11 instrument view
F12 external view
F1 look left
F2 look right
F3 look up
F4 look down
F5 zoom out (external view only)
F6 zoom in (external view only)
A drag helicopter to the right
Z drag helicopter to the left
E drag helicopter up
R drag helicopter down
T drag helicopter backward
Y drag helicopter forward
Enter exit
To take off, press V and N.

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